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Knowing the signs that indicate it’s time to repair your fence can be tricky for a non-professional. To most people, all fences may look the same. However, contrary to what most people may believe, all fences do not look the same, as some fences look like it’s time for a repair. But, what are some of the ways to tell when it’s time to get a fence repaired? 

First, if you’re noticing splintering in the wood, that is an indication of weakness; and, you want to call in a professional soon because the fence may be too weak to stand and may begin to fall over or fall apart. 

Secondly, holes in the wood of your fence is probably a sign of insect or micro-organism damage. Fences are constantly exposed to the outside elements, and with that comes the critters lurking outside. If your fence has any indication of insect damage, then it’s time for a repair before the fence becomes ineffective. 

Lastly, if you notice staining on the wood, that has a yellow or gray hue, then your fence is rotting or moldy. A rotting fence is probably the most hazardous because it could spread to neighboring fences and also cause more expensive damage the longer it’s left unchecked. That’s why knowing the signs of fence repair is essential to saving you money and keeping your fence beautiful and effective. 

If by chance you start to notice any of the cases stated above happening to your fenceSuperior Fence Co of San Antonio a is happy to aid in your fence repair needs.

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