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Installing iron fences around your home serves as a classy addition, besides serving its purpose from the security perspective. With iron fences, you do not have the risk of having them crumbled, or becoming dry in the summer months. Although iron is durable, you need to prevent the metal from long-term decay and rust. This is why the professionals at Superior Fence and Co recommend powder coating your iron fences.

Besides, if you are having kids, you need to protect them against protruding spikes in old fences. Rusty fences can be dangerous for adults too. The powder coating technology involves coating the fence with a chemical powder, deploying an electrostatic process. Powder coating can enhance the lifeline of your fence, besides refining its looks.

Why should you powder coat your iron fences?

Here are five prime reasons justifying the need for powder coating your iron fences.

  1. Enhanced durability

Regardless of the quality of the paint you put on the fence, exposure to nature would chip it away. Besides, painted fences may become scuffed, scratched, and carved into. Besides, the heat and rain might crack the paint, and the flakes would eventually fall off. However, powder coating does not have these issues, thanks to its incredible resistance to the elements of nature. The coating remains integrated into the metal, which prevents the flakes from falling off. A powder coated fence eventually lasts for decades.

  1. Resistance to rust

With a professionally installed powder-coated fence, you can do away with issues like rusting. Depending on the volume of moisture, iron fences are likely to develop rust at some point of time. Eventually, this corrodes the metal and you need to get them replaced after a few years. To deliver value to your investment, make sure to get it powder coated. This would enhance the metal’s resistance to rust.

  1. Customize the finish and color

With a wide plethora of options to choose from, powder coatings broaden your preferences. A wrong concept among homeowners is that, they can only avail the gray and black stippled finishes when they choose these products. However, with a professional company guiding you, you can choose from a large array of colors. Even if the shade you are looking for is unavailable, the professionals would produce the same, blending other colors. Choose a color that would go well with other elements around your home.

  1. Enhanced security

Your home would be more susceptible to intruders, when the paints on iron fences chip off. Both the perceived and actual security of your home gets a boost, when you go for a powder coating. Intruders would not attempt to breach your security, knowing that they have a substantial resistance on the offering.

  1. Low maintenance costs

Interestingly, powder-coated iron fences require very low effort for maintenance. Eventually, you need to get it cleaned once every few months, and the process requires no significant investment. Once you hire a professional service provider to powder coat the fence, you are done with the primary investment.

Looking to go for a powder coating to enhance the durability of your iron fence? Reach out to the reputed experts around for a professional service.

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