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It can be pretty hectic for homeowners to choose the best fence styles according to their choice. An extensive range of affordable fencing options is available in the market now. Fences primarily come under three key segments. These are privacy-oriented, functional and decorative. However, you must be concerned about the purpose of the fence. Firstly, you need to decide whether it would be used to mark property boundaries, keep little children and pets safe, or prevent unwanted visitors from coming inside.

Although you can install a fence on your own, it would be wise to find out which fence option is suitable for your residence. At Superior Fence and Co, we can help you to choose the best fence style that will enhance your home’s curb appeal while ensuring complete safety to the property.

Top 5 wooden fence designs you might like

Wooden fencing offers several benefits to property owners. Naturally, it has become one of the most popular choices. A nicely-planned wooden fence provides a traditional look that suits well with patio landscaping. Some of the efficient wooden fencing styles you may like are as follows. 

  1. Privacy wooden fencing

Convert your backyard into a secluded hideaway with privacy fencing style. It keeps your area fully separated from the rest of your house. The privacy fence is available in various designs. Its materials are usually made of cedar or pressure-treated wood. You can add lattice panel tops to coordinating gates for exceptional decorative looks. 

  1. Wood lattice fencing

Heavy-duty lattice panels are a good option to create an attractive decorative fencing item. Cedar, pressure-treated pine, or natural whitewood are considered the best choices for making lattice fences. For better stability, construct it with wide top and bottom rails. You can also incorporate decorative posts and post caps in order to give your wood lattice fencing a customized appearance.

  1. Post-and-rail wooden fence

Post-modern rail fencing is the upgraded and latest version of the classic split-rail fence. This wooden fencing style is constructed utilizing a three-rail design, with the three square and horizontal rails connected to solid and durable square posts. Natural whitewood, spruce, pine, and redwood are the primary choices for its construction.  

  1. Vertical fence

You can build the custom semi-private vertical fence design using alternating pickets of two different widths where each timber is set in a row with a specific gap between each. You can add horizontal rails on the top and the bottom of the fence for a unique and personalized look. To adopt this style at your home, you should adjust the gaps between the rows, considering the amount of screening space you need. 

  1. Louver fence

Vertical louvers with staggered boards provide privacy when viewed straight. This highly-functional ventilated fence system provides good airflow with a magnificent design and efficient durability.  


Where can you avail of reliable wooden fence installation services?

Homeowners need to go for a reputed fencing company, where the professionals have already tackled lots of projects in your locality. These experts can also provide new ideas and customized solutions for your residence by keeping the latest design trends in mind. We, at Superior Fence and Co, are one of the most experienced fence installation companies here. You may contact us at (210) 600-3343 or fill up this contact form for us to get back.

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