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Wooden fences appeal to the eyes with their organic curb appeal. You might have installed an elegant fence around your property, but what guards have you taken against the elements of nature? Particularly, with the heat waves coming in as the summer sets, you need to be proactive and take care of your wooden fence. With hot days around the corner, you need to call in a professional fencing company for timely maintenance.

At Superior Fence and Co, we continue to be one of the leading wooden fence installers in your city. Besides installing different types of fences in domestic and commercial properties, we recommend the best practices to our clients for proper fence care during summer.

Quick tips for wooden fence care

  • Do not hand anything on your fence
  • Keep away vines even if they look appealing
  • Get the fence repainted before summer
  • Clean your fence during the hot days
  • Contact the installers if you notice a damage

How to maintain your wooden fence during summer?

  1. Inspect the wooden fences

Every time you walk around your yard, inspect the fence for debris. This might lead to the rotting of the wood. In case you notice moisture at the bottom of the fence, it might need professional care. Besides, make sure there’s no foliage very close to the wooden fence, as it might end up staining the natural finish. Besides, look out for rodents, mildew issues, infestations by insects, and other perils.

  1. Check out the issues

Now, that you have a general idea about the condition of your wooden fence, start preparing the repair list. There might be posts getting detached from the fence, or loose bolts close the gate. Particularly, if you notice any of the following elements, contact a professional fence installer:

  • Breaking
  • Insect problems
  • Rotting
  • Rusting
  • Damaged parts
  • Wobbly posts
  1. Trim your trees

In case you have certain trees or vines hanging over the wooden fence, take care to remove or trim them regularly. Ignoring the trees might inflict serious damage to your fences. Firstly, you would find the leaves messing up the looks of the place. Again, during windy days, large branches may break and fall over the fence, causing heavy damage.

  1. Point your sprinklers away

In case you are having an automated irrigation system in your yard, make sure that the water does not wet the wooden fence. Water damage eventually robs the fences of their looks. Moreover, the boundary would lose its lifeline when you expose it to water regularly. Therefore, you need to point the sprinklers in your garden in a different direction.

  1. Repair the wooden fence

As a part of your wooden fence maintenance, you need to get it repaired before the summer kicks in. Most households appoint a consultation with the experts towards the end of spring. Throughout the year, the wooden fence undergoes wear and tear due to natural aging, breakage, warping, and water damage. The heat waves during the summer months can take a toll on its looks.

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