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The elegance of iron fences makes them a prime choice to fortify your home or commercial property. There’s no denying that you love this visual appeal, with the classic style and simplicity around your premises.

However, have you considered the efforts you need to put in to clean the fences and maintain them? Iron fences are susceptible to rusting, with perils like rain and moisture threatening to rob these installations of their aesthetic appeal.

At Superior Fence and Co, we find pleasure in helping our clients maintain their iron fences. Being a part of the industry for over a decade, we have crafted memorable experiences for our clients with our fence installation and maintenance services.

How to take care of your iron fence?

We would like to recommend five tips that would help you maintain your iron fence.

  • Remove rust

Continual exposure to sun, rain, snow, humidity, and moisture makes the metal structure prone to rusting. Once rust starts corroding the fence, it would lose its structural integrity.

That’s the reason we recommend regular cleaning and repainting the fences. Rusted fences tend to corrode or easily break. These repairs can be expensive and take a toll on your finances. We highly recommend removing the lingering rust from time to time as a part of your annual maintenance schedule.

Get a fine wire brush while scraping off the rust and trap the fine flakes at the bottom. Closely work on the joints and posts, as they are more susceptible to rusting.

  • Apply wax

Once you eliminate rust, coat the iron surface using wax. This serves as a protective sealant, keeping moisture, rain, and humidity at bay. 

Even if your iron fence hasn’t accumulated rust, make sure to get it sealed during the annual maintenance. This way, you can prolong the lifespan of your iron fence.

  • Paint your fence

While painting your fence, make sure to apply an underlying primer layer. This way, you can protect your iron fence against dirt, grime, and weathering elements. For metal fences, oil-based primers and paints prove to be highly effective.

Painting your fence during the annual maintenance protects it from oxidation. Prioritizing your aesthetics, you can choose a color that complements your property.

  • Remove vines

Well, you remove weeds from your lawn or backyard regularly, right? Why not do away with those encroaching vines and tendrils from your fence? Besides ruining the visual appeal of your fence, they would also be loading the metal hinges with their pressure.

You won’t like shelling out additional repair expenses in the future. When you hire professionals for annual fence maintenance, get those weeds, algae, tall grass, and spiraling tendrils removed. 

  • Inspect your fence

While iron fences are long-lasting and durable, why not keep an eye on those joints and hinges? An annual inspection ensures that your fence offers the desired defense to outsiders, remaining perfectly functional. When you hire a local fencing company, the professionals would inspect your installation and recommend necessary fixes.

Reach out to us at Superior Fence and Co for professional fence maintenance services. You can contact us at (210) 600-3343 or fill up this contact form for us to get back.

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