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Being a commercial property owner brings you responsibilities to secure your property against trespassers and burgles. You might be planning to install a commercial perimeter fencing for some time, but not sure about how to go about it. The process of securing your establishment starts with a professional consultation with a reputed fence installing company. Considering the variety and options, you need to get these safety installations customized.

At Superior Fence and Co, we help our clients with valuable advice regarding fencing before carrying out the installations. Our experience would see you through a hassle-free and cost-effective fence installation process.

Things to consider during commercial perimeter fencing

  • The design of the fence should be such, that it doesn’t end up offering a hiding place to intruders
  • Choose a design that would be hard to cross by climbing over
  • Go for a fence that would not allow intruders to dig under
  • Pick a commercial fence design that cannot be bypassed easily

Guidelines for commercial perimeter fencing

  1. Understand the purpose. Professional fence installers would help you choose the design based on three grounds. These are aesthetics, security, and boundary demarcation. Therefore, you need to be sure about the reason for which you are installing the commercial fence. At times, you might have all these three factors justifying the need for the fence. Accordingly, the installers would customize the perimeter fence for your property.
  2. Conduct risk assessment. If you are willing to go for commercial perimeter fencing due to security concerns, make sure to carry out a risk assessment at the outset. This would help you identify potential threats before the professionals carry out the installation process. The risk assessment process would weigh the probable perils such as vandalism, theft, trespassing, and unauthorized access or exit. This would also help you understand the frequency at which a security breach may take place. Accordingly, the installers would do the needful.
  3. Ensure proper installation. You might be wasting your resources on a good fence, only to find that the installation has not been proper. This explains the value of hiring a professional installation company. A professional fence installation would last for years. So, make sure to count on a reliable company, so that you get the right value for your investment. The established companies also recommend fences that require minimal maintenance.
  4. Consider variations. Well, you might want to protect some parts of your compound from trespassers. In other areas, you may look forward to bolstering the property’s curb appeal. A calculative mix-and-match may also bring down the expenses. Consult the experts before installation regarding all the options at your disposal.
  5. Fence design. Reputed fence installers often advise their clients on the right kind of design to suit their needs. You might go for a mesh that’s difficult to cut through. In some fences, you may go for a padlock, along with robust supporting hinges. After all, the very purpose of fencing would determine the fence design.

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