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Fences help serve various functions for your home. Besides providing safety, security, and privacy, they can also help enhance your home’s curb appeal. If you are looking for modern fence ideas, Superior Fence Co. of San Antonio has a number of options for you to consider. Here, we would like to share insights into 7 of the popular ideas.

1. Wrought Iron Fence

When it comes to metal fences, you can consider wrought iron fencing or even aluminum fencing to enable easier ventilation. Metal fences have been used around properties for centuries and are valued for their beauty and durability. They are also easy to maintain, as all the care they need is periodic painting.

2. Horizontal Wooden Plank Fences

While vertical boards are more commonly used to build yard fences, you can create a more modern alternative by using horizontal, stained planks. The fence should have varying spaces between the planks. Another option is to use planks of different widths. This can help create a more pleasing look.

3. Wood & Corrugated Metal Fence

When it comes to creating a modern landscaping fence, you can use a combination of wood and corrugated metal. Interestingly, corrugated metal is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a beautiful fence. What makes corrugated metal fascinating is that it is of high quality and is covered with a coating that has both protective properties and beautiful looks. Dark and rich wooden panels further complement the metal’s looks.

4. Lattice Panels

You can use lattice panels to add a beautiful decorative touch to your fence. Some of the popular material options for lattice fences include:

  • Whitewood
  • Pressure-treated pine
  • Cedar

Stability can be added to the design by constructing wider top and bottom rails. You can also consider styles featuring ornamental posts and post caps.

5. Post-and-Rail Fencing

This form of fencing is a modern version of the traditional split-rail fence. The key features of its construction are as follows:

  • A three-rail design
  • Three square horizontal rails linked to solid and durable square posts
  • Common material options include wood, metal, or vinyl

These fences are also referred to as estate fencing.

6. Bamboo Fencing

A bamboo fence is lightweight, allows just enough light to prevent dark shadows, and is beautiful. The unique color and design can complement just any design theme. Since these fences are easier to install and the material is lightweight, you can expect a more affordable fencing project. Bamboo fences are also functional, as they can help add security and privacy.

7. Black Horizontal Slats

Walls made of black horizontal cedar slats can give a modern touch to your property while also serving as excellent privacy fences. This is a versatile fence option because it can complement both modern structural elements and a lush green lawn.

So, these are some of the most effective modern fence ideas for your home that can be versatile enough for most themes and styles. If you want to discuss your specific fencing needs, feel free to contact us at Superior Fence Co. of San Antonio. You can call us at (210) 600-3343 or send us a message.

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