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Do you own a property that’s a part of an HOA community? Well, you must be sharing a common fence with your neighbors. These barricades secure your place, besides enhancing your privacy. 

However, unless you stay abreast of the HOA fencing rules, installing these fences can lead to friction with your neighbors. When it comes to fence installation or maintenance, make sure to adhere to the recommended guidelines.

At Superior Fence and Co, we carry more than a decade’s experience in HOA fence installation and maintenance. We help our clients understand the norms while undertaking these projects.

Things to consider when you install an HOA fence

 We have discussed the common points of friction so that you can proceed with an informed stance while installing a fence in an HOA property.

  • Choosing the fence material

In wind and storm-prone states, wooden fences turn out to be dangerous projectiles since they easily catch the wind. These flying components can inflict serious injuries or damage vehicles or homes.

That’s the reason you would find most HOAs restricting the use of wooden fences. They recommend sturdy materials that won’t catch the wind. For instance, iron fences or those with metal bars and cables can suit the property. Besides, professional fence installation companies dig deep enough to insert the fences deep into the ground to maximize their durability.

  • Being mindful of fence heights

Height restrictions of HOA fences significantly vary between back and front yards. The associations come up with these norms to ensure the aesthetic appeal of their properties. Besides, the height of fences is regulated as they also affect visibility.

For instance, installing a fence may obstruct the view of a driver at an intersection. This may hinder the sight to check whether any pedestrian, pet, or another vehicle is coming around the corner. Therefore, these regulations are meant to ensure the safety of the association. 

  • Consider visibility

You would come across plenty of gated communities in scenic locations. These HOAs heavily invest in landscaping and artificial lakes. So, it’s natural that the wrong fence design may obstruct the view of their landscape.

This explains why HOAs often come up with restrictions on the type, style, height, and location of your fence. Some HOAs even restrict high-privacy fences that end up obstructing beautiful views.

  • Uniformity in design

Many HOA communities require fences to be uniform in design and shape for the sake of visual consistency. Therefore, you may be required to fall in line while upholding this aesthetic essence. For instance, some HOAs want the members to use ornate fences, while others go for minimalist designs. In other communities, you would find wrought iron fences being extensively used.

Therefore, prioritizing visual impact is vital when you install a fence in an HOA.

Hire a professional HOA fencing company

If you are a part of an HOA, make sure to work with a professional fencing company to avoid penalties. Being a homeowner in one of these communities requires you to adhere to their fencing norms. Failure to do so may lead to the HOA securing a lien against the offender’s property. 

Our experience in working on HOA fence installations and maintenance makes us one of the most esteemed fencing professionals. Reach out to Superior Fence and Co at (210) 600-3343 or furnish your requirements through this contact form for a swift response from us.

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