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Adding a patio cover is the best way to reclaim the outdoor space of your home cost-efficiently and quickly. It lends a new look to your home and increases its curb appeal. We at Superior Fence Co. of San Antonio have been operating in this industry for over 15 years and have a large client base in the region.

The Benefits

Our customers enjoy several benefits by installing a new patio cover or enclosing an existing one. We list here four benefits of installing this feature:

  • Shelter from Natural Elements– A patio provides shade so you can enjoy the summer as well as the rainiest days without worrying about the heat or getting drenched. Solid and solid lattice patio covers offer the best protection against the sun, rain, and wind. Lattice covers are good for shade and solar heat mitigation but do not offer any protection from the rain.
  • Add an Elegant Look to Your Patio- Installing a patio cover enhances the look of the façade and adds elegance to the exterior of your house. You can select a design that complements the aesthetic and styling of your home. There is a range of patio cover options to choose from such as solid, lattice, and solid-lattice hybrid, to suit your needs and budget.
  • Improve Accessibility of Your Patio- Without a good patio cover, you can’t really use your yard areas when the sun is shining down brightly or it’s raining. The primary benefit of this feature is to make your patio area accessible, decorative, and usable throughout the year, regardless of the weather. A good patio cover extends the indoor living areas and allows you to enjoy leisurely moments with your family.
  • Prolong Furniture Life- Exposing your patio furniture and other objects to the elements not only reduces their lifespan but affects their color and appearance as well. While the UV rays of the sun cause the upholstery to fade, the rain brings in humidity and results in mold growth on the patio furniture. A patio cover protects your furniture from damage and saves you the hassle and cost of replacing the upholstery.

The Best San Antonio Patio Covers

The patio cover also adds to the visual appeal of your property as it creates a seamless look between the indoor and outdoor areas of your home. A well-designed feature that gels with the façade of your home will add to the curb appeal of your property and increase its value as well. We install Structural Building Systems’ Snap-N-Lock TM patio cover panels.

These baked-on enamel finished patio covers are available in insulated and non-insulated variants, are maintenance-free and extremely durable too. No matter which way you look at it, they are an excellent addition to your home. For information on our range of products including patio covers in San Antonio feel free to contact Superior Fence Co. of San Antonio at (210) 600-3343 or send us your queries via this Contact Us form and we will respond shortly.

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