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When you decide to fence your yard, you can select from a variety of materials such as aluminum, PVC, chain link, wrought iron, vinyl panels, etc. However, the elegance, style, and appeal of wood fences surpass all other materials. They get better with age and sit firmly in the ground. With proper care and maintenance, wood fences are long-lasting and provide protection, ambiance, and privacy for many years.


Expert Wood Fence Installation

At Superior Fence Co. of San Antonio, we offer a wide variety of fences, including ones made of wood, which stand the test of time. Our quality standards do not change whether you want an economical wood fence or one that provides for grade variations on your property.

You will get the exact material that you need from us. We offer a variety of fences made of pine hardwood, white oak to red cedar and more. We design these features to provide privacy, safety, and lend aesthetics to your property.


Wood Fences- The Benefits

Here are some fantastic benefits of wood fences for residential settings: 

  1. Better Privacy. While slatted wood fences are an option, most people prefer a more robust feature. The latter are sturdier and offer better privacy. You can choose the height of the fence, keeping in mind the local regulations. These high fences work as an excellent deterrent to theives, vandals, and other unsavory elements as well.
  2. Customizable. Wood fences are highly customizable. You can stain or paint them in the color and shade of your choice. You have the flexibility to change the color or stain by repainting or re-staining them if necessary. This way, you can always keep the exterior of your house as attractive as you want.
  3. Affordability. Wood scores over other fence materials as one of the most affordable materials. It is straightforward to install and cost-efficient compared to other materials. This is because it is a natural material, and many homegrown varieties of wood are available at low prices. It suits your requirements the best, even if you have a limited budget for fencing.
  4. Covered With a Warranty. When you install a fence, and you get a warranty for the material. Most suppliers from whom fencing companies source these materials provide warranties. In case there is no warranty from the material supplier, a credible fencing company will always offer guarantees on the work done. So you get a cover against damage, either due to defective material or poor craftsmanship for years after the installation.


High-Quality Wood Fencing

We, at Superior Fence Co. of San Antonio, have handled numerous high-quality fence installation jobs for many residents and provide iron-clad guarantees for our workmanship. Regardless of the fence you want to install for your residence or business premises, we are here to help.

For information on our range of wood fencing and other products, feel free to contact Superior Fence Co. of San Antonio at (210) 600-3343 or send us your queries via this Contact Us form.

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