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The organic essence of a wooden fence can spruce up the borders of your home with elegance. With proper care, these fences can serve you for decades. However, wooden fences are susceptible to several perils. These include moisture, water, infestation by pests, growth of algae, and other dangers. 

Unless you hire a professional fencing company for timely maintenance, your fence wouldn’t last as long as you would want. At Superior Fence and Co, we install new fences and carry out routine maintenance to enhance the lifeline of these fixtures. With our assistance, you can keep your wooden fences strong and long-lasting.

Tips to take care of your wooden fences

Changes in seasons, extreme heat, dense snow, or torrential rain can deprive your wooden fence of its lifeline. From time to time, routine maintenance protects the organic material from warping, cracking, or bowing. Here are some of the recommended guidelines to take care of your wooden fences.

  • Clean it using a pressure washer

Exterior fences remain exposed to dust and accumulate grime and dirt over time. Using a pressure washer, it’s necessary to dislodge these particles. Although a home-sized washer might work, hiring a reputed fencing professional would be highly recommended. They ensure:

  • Right water pressure
  • Adequate rinsing
  • Proper distance from the fence

Experienced professionals can maintain proper motion in the wand while cleaning. In the process, they can effectively clean the fences.

  • Sealing and staining your fence

Sealing your wooden fence secures it from moisture and harsh UV rays. Professional fencers recommend sealing and staining your fence immediately after its installation. Also, you need to reseal or repaint this installation every three to five years. This helps in retaining the natural color of the wood and prevents it from splitting or cracking.

Experts use an oil-based latex or stain paint for the exterior to seal out moisture. This also prevents the wood from rotting, limiting the extent of weathering.

  • Inspect for damage

 Occasional and seasonal storms often damage wooden fences. Inspect wooden fences regularly to detect loose boards, sagging, splitting, or rotting. Once you come across any of these issues, address the problem to an established fencing company. Unchecked damage to your fences can aggravate the issue, leading to financial drainage in the future.

Professional fencers supply matching replacement boards and posts. With these installations, you can maintain coherency in terms of looks for the fences.

  • Don’t strain the wood

While ornamental plants and vines look great to the eyes, growing them on your wooden fence can pressurize the wood. Over time, these plants keep growing to weaken the fence from the inside, exerting excessive weight. So, a few decorations are fine, but refrain from any kind of heavy ornamentation. Otherwise, the fence would sag too soon.

Keep an eye on the growth of plants and weeds on the fences. Unchecked vegetation on wooden fences can also weaken them.

Hire a professional fencing company

Taking care of your wooden fence involves experience and industry knowledge. Reach out to a reputed fencing company to warrant adequate care for these installations.

For any kind of fence care including installation, repair, or maintenance, you can reach out to Superior Fence and Co. We are available at (210) 600-3343, and you can also fill up this contact form.

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