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Every homeowner desires customization in every aspect of their home. Custom entry gates allow you to achieve exactly this. Interestingly, custom-made gates make a lot of sense for different types of properties including standalone homes, residential communities, and businesses. These gates can be made of different types of materials and are designed according to your specific needs. The right design and construction can add a touch of style to any driveway, front yard, garden, or pool. And automation can further enhance your gates’ functionality.

Benefits of Custom Entry Gates

Gates offer much more than just a way to enter and exit a driveway. They also prevent intruders and add screening to enhance security and privacy. You can also have custom entry gates installed to keep children out of potentially dangerous areas including roads and pools. They can also help control the entry of pets in the front yard where they can have easy access to the road.

You can custom-design a gate that is ideally suited for the specific application. Besides, you can have it designed to its surroundings. It is much different than having pre-made gates fixed onto your property. Experienced professionals will inspect the site and consider factors such as aesthetics, function, and size before developing a custom solution. You can have bespoke gates installed as standalone projects or as part of a full fencing installation service.


Automation can add convenience to the operation of your custom entry gates. They can be integrated with iron fencing or chain-link fences and can enhance security without affecting the aesthetic value. Automated entry gates make a lot of sense for homes, business premises, and government and educational facilities.

Benefits of Automated Custom Entry Gates

There are many benefits of installing automated entry gates. The most noticeable benefits are as follows;

Access Control

Modern automated gate systems come with a wide range of operators that allow you to control traffic. Some of these operators include:

  • Phone entry systems
  • Magnetic vehicle detectors
  • Card readers

These operators can be used in a variety of settings including residential, commercial, and industrial premises.

Convenient Gate Operation

Convenience is of the utmost importance for many types of properties and users. Automated entry gates with drive-right-in access can meet such unique needs. The way these gates can open will depend on the application:

  • They can open automatically for authorized vehicles
  • They can be opened by users by scanning a card or entering an access code
  • Staffed facilities can operate the gate with the press of a button

Automated gates also provide convenience by eliminating the need to get out of the vehicle.


Your fence and gate installer can work with a variety of materials and access control systems to create custom entry gates for your residence or business. It is up to you to determine how the gate opens – whether it will swing open or slide open. The popular material choices include chain-link, iron, and steel. You may choose the same material as the fence to maintain a uniform look.

Keep these benefits in mind when having your custom entry system designed and installed to your preferences. We at Superior Fence Co. of San Antonio can custom design gates to meet your property’s unique needs. If you need any information about our services, get in touch with us at (210) 600-3343. You may also send us detailed queries using this Online Form.

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