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Faux Stone Fences Could Just be Perfect for Your Property

The looks and finish of your fence go a long way in infusing your residential or commercial property with the curb appeal it deserves. If you are working with a professional fencing company to enhance your landscaping, you might come across the term ‘faux stone fences’. Well, these fences deliver the same visual impact that an original stone fence would bestow your landscape with. However, this is a more budget-friendly and eco-friendly material.

So, if you are on a budget, yet want the same curb appeal as a stone fence, it makes sense to explore different designs of faux stone fences. At Superior Fence and Co., our experts will guide you while customizing the designs. Besides, you will find our fence installation services steadfast and affordable.

Why should you install faux stone fences?

At the outset, let’s explore what faux stone fences are. The term ‘faux’ implies ‘false’ or ‘artificial’. However, when you think of faux stone fences, they imply the same visual looks that you get from an original stone fence. Therefore, faux stone fences replicate the same design and looks as an actual stone fence. This is a low-maintenance alternative to expensive stone fences, while you enjoy the same looks in your landscape.

Let’s take a look at why an increasing number of households are embracing faux stone fences.

  • A welcome trend

Faux stone fences have gradually become a mainstream trend, as many homeowners associated the terms ‘faux’ and ‘false’ in the past. However, you would appreciate the rustic finish of your fences with the professionals installing these fences now.

 Moreover, one can narrow down the options when it comes to looks and customization. These fences also involve low maintenance costs, and they come in superior quality as compared to many other materials. Ultimately, the aesthetic appeal matters when you integrate such types of fences into your landscape.

  • Seamless installation

While visual impact matters significantly, households and commercial property owners also prioritize the installation expenses. Interestingly, faux stone fences are easy to install. You simply need to hire a professional fencing company for a swift and precise installation. 

The weight of this material is lighter as compared to actual stone. Moreover, the installers can easily prepare the foundation before placing the fence in place. The easy installation ensures that you can pacify the construction process.

  • Affordable alternative

The budget-friendliness of faux stone fences happens to be a key reason for its extensive popularity. The very process of sourcing original stone makes the process expensive. Moreover, when you factor in transportation charges, the purchase price mounts. No wonder, why fences made of natural stone cost more than the faux stone ones.

Besides being affordable, faux stone fences perform impressively when you consider their curb appeal, maintenance, and durability.

Hire a professional fencing company

If you are willing to install faux stone fences around your property, make sure to consult a professional fencing company. At Superior Fence and Co, we can comprehensively guide you in choosing the best design, prioritizing the looks and functional value of these fences. Reach out to us at (210) 600-3343 or share your requirements through this contact form with us.

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