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Looking for a viable alternative to repainting your fence every year? Well, powder-coating your fence can be a hassle-free and cost-effective option. This mechanism involves coating the surface of your fence with a powder to restore the visual appeal and functional value of your fence. Moreover, powder-coating your fence would help it easily blend with other outdoor installations like your patio furniture or guardrails. Compared to liquid paint, powder-coating ensures a longer lifeline to the coat.

At Superior Fencing and Co., we carry out professional installation and maintenance of powder-coated fences. Being an established fencing company, we ensure that these installations at your place last long.


What are powder-coated fences?

Powder-coating is an alternative approach to spruce up the looks of your fence without painting them. A dry coat is applied to the fence through an electrostatic process. then the professional fencing experts apply heat to cure the powder and help it settle down. In terms of looks and functional value, powder-coated fences live up to the expectations of homeowners.

Besides being flexible, powder-coated fences have proven to be sturdier. Moreover, you can powder-coat fences made of different materials, such as steel, concrete, plastic, and metal. Besides, you can apply this coat to both outdoor and indoor applications. This way, you can come up with bright and contrasting color shades within your premises at cost-effective prices.

Determining the longevity of powder-coated fences

In general, powder-coated fences last more than the painted ones. Now, it’s tough to comment on how long the coating would last, as several factors come into play. In general, you need to hire a professional fencing expert to clean the coating to assure a long lifeline for the fence. 

Seasoned experts can guide you on the following aspects.

  • The duration for which a particular coat will last
  • The rate at which the surface would lose the coat
  • When the fence will start losing the decorative or protective value

Besides physical abrasion, the coating powder might be affected by these elements.

  • Demographics or your location.
  • Whether the surroundings are industrial, marine, acidic, or alkaline.
  • Degree of pollution in the environment.
  • Exposure to freezing temperatures, rain, sun, electrical currents, debris, and wind, which might cause abrasion.

What makes routine maintenance vital for powder-coated fences?

Like any other fence, powder-coated fences need routine maintenance from time to time. After all, the surface remains exposed to the elements of nature, pollution, and debris round the year. Besides, bird droppings can mess up the looks of these elegant fences. All these perils culminate to pose a threat to the lifeline of the fence.

While only seasoned professionals can determine how long the coat will last, you can follow up with the experts for routine maintenance. This way, you can enhance the lifespan of the coating. Once you reach out to our experts at Superior Fencing and Co., they would check the current condition of your powder-coated fence and recommend the right frequency of getting the next coat. Simply reach out to us at (210) 600-3343, or fill up this contact form with your details. With our expertise and industry knowledge, we assure you a prolonged lifespan of these fences through quality installation and routine maintenance.

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