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The fence around your home goes a long way in sprucing up its curb appeal. Not to mention, a well-designed fence can keep intruders at bay. However, fences lie exposed to weather elements and this causes them to deteriorate over time. As the fence nears the end of its lifecycle, it would start needing frequent repairs, incurring expenses. At some point, you may have to replace the fence entirely with a new one. Quite naturally, you would want to extend its lifespan as much as possible. At Superior Fence and Co, we are a reputed fencing company with ample experience in this field. 

Tips to extend the lifespan of your fence

There are several ways in which you may increase the lifecycle of your fence, starting from the installation phase itself. 

1. Choose the right material

The material of your fence is a key determining factor of its lifespan. Certain materials, like Vinyl, are much more resistant to weather elements than traditional materials like wood. A well-established fencing company should be able to provide you with a wide range of materials to choose from. If you prefer to stick to wood anyway, go for special moisture and decay-resistant wood posts. 

2. Use special emulsion coatings

A good way to protect a wooden fence from damaging elements is to coat it with a layer of special emulsifying paint. Asphalt emulsion is particularly good for sealing off the surface of the fence and keeping it safe from moisture and pests. However, do remember to put on a fresh coat of emulsion once in a while, when the old layer starts wearing off. 

3. Arrange for inspections

Once the condition of your fence starts deteriorating, you would have to fix it at an early stage. If you give the problem time to grow, you may end up facing expensive repairs in the future. It would be a good idea to arrange for annual inspections to look for any signs of damage. In case you find that repairs are necessary, hire a professional company and get it done quickly. 

4. Install the right fence hardware

While installing a fence, it is possible to add a variety of hardware and accessories for functional or aesthetic reasons. However, it is crucial to choose the right hardware for your fence. Poor-quality hardware or hardware not meant for outdoor use could lead to damages. For instance, using metals that are prone to rust would cause rust streaks to appear.  

How to get a durable fence for your property?

The first and foremost step to installing a long-lasting fence is to hire the right company for it. The leading companies not only offer high-grade materials, but would also follow through with the best installation practices. Besides this, you could also seek their advice regarding which material to pick for the fence. Experienced professionals can come up with a custom fencing solution to meet your needs. To get your fence installed by Superior Fence and Co, you may call us at (210) 600-3343 or fill up this form.

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