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A pool is a definite value-add to your property and it offers a number of opportunities for relaxation and entertainment. You can spend leisurely moments here with family and friends and the poolscape become the perfect space to unwind at the end of a busy week. Just as you plan all the features of the actual pool installation and its surrounding areas well; it’s also a good idea to add a security feature such as fencing.

Today, there are a number of fencing materials to choose from, and the sky is the limit when it comes to design and styling. The experts at Superior Fence of San Antonio Company have put together a list of some innovative pool fencing ideas:

1. Backyard pool wrought iron fence

Many homeowners have pools on their property and they design these spaces with as much attention to detail as they do the indoor areas of their homes. These features are a functional and attractive addition to your yard space and it becomes the perfect spot to lounge around with family and friends.

Materials such as wood and vinyl are widely used for fencing on residential properties, but one material that has stood the test of time is iron; and fences made of iron look stunning in any type of setting. They can enhance the classic appeal of Victorian-style buildings and home and look equally stunning in settings that have been built on contemporary and modernistic architecture styles.

The one way to add to the safety and security of this space is to add a custom-designed wrought iron fence. If you have children and pets in the house, you need to take extra safety precautions and fence-off the pool area, to ensure that kids or pets don’t accidentally fall into the water. Wrought iron fencing is practically indestructible and can last for decades with regular maintenance.

2. Wooden fencing for front and backyards

Wood has a timeless appeal and you can get wood fencing of different types such as:

• A white picket fence is perfect to create that cottage-style look.
• On the other hand, if you want something that would afford more privacy, you can get a redwood tall wood panel fencing built to suit your needs.
• A simple timber lattice is a simple way to fence off pool spaces with extra height, without actually blocking out too much of the view.

While many hardwoods are water, termite and rot-resistant and so ideal for these outdoor applications, this material needs more maintenance than an iron fence.

3. Combination fencing

It’s possible to create a unique look in the landscape using combination fences such as:

• Concrete and iron- This feature can have concrete structures with an iron bar design in between. This ties the installation to the rest of the landscape.
• Wood and brick- Brick is now available in a number of colors, sizes, shapes and textures. Aside from this, it is resilient, weather-resistant and highly durable and it has a rustic appeal that fits in with the natural look of a landscape.
• Stone and iron- Natural stone looks elegant and classy and enhances the appeal of outdoor spaces. While some property owners do prefer entire stone fencing installations; including iron into the feature provides design relief and balances out the solidity of the natural stone blocks.
• White vinyl/wooden bars- Vinyl is a strong, man-made material that is now used in a number of structural applications including fencing. You can choose from different colors, designs and styles and the combination fence made using vinyl and wooden bars adds a bright and breezy look to the outdoor spaces of your property.

4. Mesh fencing

This is another material that can be used to build fences. Mesh fences can be made of different materials including:

• Security Mesh Panels- These offer high security and are ideal for large properties where some areas aren’t within easy sight. These are available in panel form in sizes to match your needs.
• Aluminum mesh fencing- Aluminum is a highly weather-resistant material and mesh fencing made from it can last for a number of years with very minimal maintenance.

As you can see, there is a range of fencing options to choose from. If you are considering getting a new pool fence installed on your property, feel free to call us at (210) 600-3343 to discuss your project details. You can also send Superior Fence of San Antonio Company your queries via this Contact Us form and we will revert promptly.

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