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Steel fencing is preferred for its beautiful look that defines property lines while adding security to your home. Fences made from steel allow passersby and visitors to see your beautiful home and landscape, yet create a layer of security, protection, and control that brings you peace of mind.

1. An Ameristar Fence product

Ameristar, headquartered in Tulsa, OK, was chartered 30 years ago in response to the demand by consumers and specifiers for specialty fence products. Ameristar offers an aesthetically pleasing product that is both high in quality and affordability.

2. 20 year limited warranty

Montage products are manufactured from superior quality materials. That is why Ameristar is confident in offering a 20 year limited warranty! Ameristar is an American company with over 25 years of demonstrated excellence in manufacturing ornamental fencing products.

3. The E-Coat system

Major corrosion problems start from the inside. That’s why all Montage steel fence are coated inside and outside.

The galvanized steel framework is subjected to a multi-stage pretreatment/wash, followed by a duplex cathodic electrocoat system consisting of an epoxy primer, which significantly increase corrosion protection, and an acrylic topcoat, which provides the protection necessary to withstand adverse weathering effects.

4. Fully rackeable panels

The steel fences by Montage, enables maximum bias for virtually all terrains. Being the only wedded steel fence capable of following steep grade changes, Montage follows uneven ground contours like a second skin. This eliminates stair-stepping panels with the flexibility of a 48’’  rise in a 8’  run.

5. A large panel of designs

  • The Classic style is a Timeless Elegance style features extended pickets that culminate to an arrow-pointed spear capture the beautiful look of old style wrought iron fencing.    


  • The Majestic style is a Modern Beauty style with a top rail that projects a clean, streamlined look that make it one of the most popular styles in the Montage family.
  • The Genesis style is a Creatively Distinct style with an extended flat-topped pickets serve as a foundation for your choice of accent finials providing a customized design.
  • The Warrior style is a Traditional Character with alternating picket heights coupled with each picket culminating into an arrow-pointed spear, give the Warrior style a distinctive look that is a hallmark of wrought iron fencing.
  • Crescent style is a Sophisticated Charm style that has a unique old world look with pressed-spear pickets protected by arched steel loops.

6. Environmentally responsible

Ameristar proudly leads the way in manufacturing programs and practices to reduce the carbon footprint and has developed methods to reduce our energy consumption.


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