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With Thanksgiving around the corner, most of us have already dived deep into plans of turkey roasting, pie baking, and hosting warm family gatherings. At Superior Fence Co., we believe your fences too should reflect the festive spirit! Beyond just boundary markers, fences can be the canvas to your creativity. Here’s how to adorn them for the season, ensuring charm and safety.


1. Harvest Vibes with Corn Stalks and Hay Bales


  • How-To: Tie bundles of corn stalks to your fence posts, letting them flow naturally downwards. Place hay bales at intervals along the fence. This gives an authentic harvest feel, resonating perfectly with Thanksgiving.
  • Safety Tip: Ensure the corn stalks are securely fastened to avoid them getting blown away or causing obstruction on pathways.


2. Pumpkin Parade


  • How-To: Line up pumpkins or gourds along the base of your fence. Consider mixing various sizes and colors for a vibrant look. If you’re feeling extra crafty, hollow out a few and use them as lanterns with LED candles inside.
  • Safety Tip: Avoid real candles in pumpkins outdoors to prevent fire hazards. LED candles are a safe and long-lasting alternative.


3. Light Up With Festive Strings


  • How-To: String lights aren’t just for Christmas. Opt for warm, golden-hued lights to drape along your fence or wrap around fence posts.
  • Safety Tip: Ensure outdoor-rated lights are used. When attaching, use plastic clips or ties rather than nails or staples to prevent damage to your fence and potential electric issues.


4. Wreaths Aren’t Just For Doors


  • How-To: Create or purchase mini autumn-themed wreaths made of twigs, cranberries, and fall leaves. Hang them at intervals on your fence for a sophisticated touch.
  • Safety Tip: Use soft fabric or rubberized hooks to hang wreaths to avoid scratching or damaging the fence material.


5. Crafty with Turkeys


  • How-To: Engage kids in crafting handprint turkeys using colorful paper. Once you have a flock, attach them to a long ribbon or string and create a festive garland along your fence.
  • Safety Tip: Since paper can be fragile, consider laminating them or placing them in clear plastic sleeves to protect from potential rain.


6. Chalk Art Celebrations


  • How-To: If you have a wooden fence, consider using it as a chalkboard. Draw Thanksgiving motifs, write blessings or simply let the kids doodle their version of a turkey.
  • Safety Tip: Use only standard sidewalk chalk. It’s easily washable and won’t harm the fence’s finish.


7. Remembering What We’re Thankful For


  • How-To: Attach a large craft paper or fabric banner along a section of your fence. As guests arrive or throughout the month, invite them to write what they’re thankful for this year.
  • Safety Tip: Secure the banner tightly at multiple points to prevent it from tearing or flying away.



While it’s delightful to see homes light up with the spirit of Thanksgiving, it’s crucial to prioritize safety. At Superior Fence Co., we’re all about ensuring that beauty never compromises durability. As you gear up for the festivities, remember we’re just a call away for any fence-related queries or assistance. Wishing everyone a blessed and bountiful Thanksgiving!

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