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Adding a wooden fence to your property is one way to secure it and add beauty at the same time. It helps maintain some privacy, keeps your kids and pets safe and can also add to the value of your house. However, a fence will not last if it isn’t cared for and will deteriorate over time. You can simply avoid this by maintaining it and keeping some basic do’s and don’ts in mind. Here are a few tips that will keep your wooden fence looking great and also increase its life-span:

1. Starting Off Right

In order for your fence to last and stay in its best condition, it is important for you to start off using the right materials. Redwood and cedar are good hardwood options as they are the most resistant to decay and rot. In addition, make sure that the fencing contractor is using pressure-treated wood which will ensure it’s able to resist water damage and bug infestations.

2. Use the Best Hardware

Not only is the wood type important, but its equally important to use good quality hardware in the work. Using galvanized steel hardware will help ensure that it won’t rust and cause damage to the fence. Strong nails and other hardware also helps ensure that the fence structure won’t warp or buckle.

3. Use Different Treatments

Apply a sealant to keep the fence from rotting. Just as wax protects your car, a wood preserving sealant protects the wood. It will help keep your fence from drying or cracking. If the feature isn’t painted, applying a sealant every year is essential. If your fence is painted, re-staining it every 3-5 years will help maintain its strength and appearance. Majority of fence contractors stain the fence once it’s installed. However, the best method to protect the wood is to pre-stain it.

4. Trim off The Extra Weight

The lesser weight you have on your fence the longer it will last. This is why trimming away the unnecessary shrubs and vines is essential. Not only do the plant’s weigh down the fence, but also create a moisture rich environment, which can cause the wood to rot.

5. Avoid Excessive Water

Avoid water as much as possible if you want to extend the life-span of your wood. While there’s nothing much you can do about rain, you can use a simple preventive step. Avoid using sprinklers close to the fence, as they keep the fence constantly wet which causes it to rot. You can instead, use a drip system near the fence and keep the spray systems far away from the installation.

6. Do Not Defer Getting the Problem Fixed

To avoid any further damage in the future, it is necessary for you to keep a check on the stability of the fence. Your contractor can fix minor issues like repairing individual panels quickly and efficiently. If you have noticed any splitting, rotting and other signs of wear and tear, get repairs done on time.

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