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Whether you prioritize aesthetics or security, fencing happens to be an integral part of your home. When you consider house maintenance, fencing is often one of the most overlooked aspects. Neglecting your fence robs it of its lifespan. This explains why reputed fencing companies recommend the right type of powder coating solutions for your metal frames.

A damaged or dull finish to your fence is the last thing you would like to see. At Superior Fence and Co., we take pleasure in delivering the right finish to your metal fence. Right from installing fences to maintaining the same, you can reach out for professional assistance.


Why is powder coating a good option for metal fences?

Powder coating finds an extensive application in several industries, including fencing. It makes your fence resistant to chemicals, besides securing it from corrosion. At the same time, proper coating helps the metal fence to retain its lustre, thereby leveraging aesthetics. This explains why fencing experts recommend powder rather than liquid paints. You get plenty of options when you consider the texture, sheen, and color. 


Different powder coating options to choose from

Have a look at the different powder coating options for your metal fence.

  • Epoxy powder coating

Thanks to their effectiveness and aesthetics, epoxy powder coating continues to be a prime choice for metal fences. This powder hardens the external coating around the fence. As a result, they become more resistant to corrosion and moisture. Since your fence remains exposed to these perils, experts often recommend using epoxy powder coating. 

Moreover, epoxy powder coating is durable and strengthens the resistance of the metal fences against UV rays. This way, it prevents chalking, fading, and other types of degradation of the surface.

  • Polyester powder coating 

The cost-effectiveness and wide range of customization options make polyester powder coating a great choice for metal fences. This coating can be of two types: urethane polyester and TGIC. The cure temperature of TGIC is lower than the other. In fences, TGIC powder coating is recommended as the outer surface doesn’t peel off. Apart from fencing, these coatings are also used in power transmission applications and plumbing. When you consult your fencing company, they would suggest innovative color options. This ensures that the fence would seamlessly blend into your home.

  • Fluoropolymer powder coating

Fluoropolymer powder coating is perfect for outdoor use, considering its resistance to UV rays. Applying this coat to your fences, you can make them resistant to the elements of nature. The weathering properties of fluoropolymer powder coating are incredible. Since the coating makes your fence resistant to corrosion, you can expect a longer lifeline from these metallic structures.

Also, this type of coating helps metallic surfaces to retain their color and gloss for longer periods. Fluoropolymer powder coatings can be of two types. 

  • FEVE Fluoroethylene vinyl ether (FEVE) resin: They are more popular for fencing since they help to form an extensive coverage with a single application of coat. They deliver a better performance in exterior environments. With this type of coat, the distribution of the metal flakes is more even.
  • PVDF (Polyvinylidene difluoride resin): In this case, you need to apply a primer before applying the coat. With PVDF resins, forming a bond with metallic coats is difficult.


Reach out to us, a Superior Fence and Co. for the best powder coating solutions for your metal fence. Being a reputed fencing company, we would be happy to assist you. Reach out to us at (210) 600-3343 or visit our contact page with all your requirements.

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