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If you are looking for a fence here in San Antonio area that will be strong, resilient and durable, you will find there are a number of materials to choose from. You want to ensure that the feature will perform well through all the seasons including the cold weather in San Antonio Area. Here is a look at different materials used in fences.

1. Wood Fences With Metal Posts Are Stronger.

Wooden fences supported by wooden posts tend to absorb water and are prone to early damage. However, they become sounder and more durable when supported with metal posts. The wooden pickets in these fences do absorb water and pose similar problems, but the metal posts contain the damage from spreading and increase the lifespan of the fencing features by a few winters.

2. Steel Fences Have Made Entirely Of Steel

Steel fences have steel as the metal used in the posts, pickets, and nails. They do not absorb water but collection of water around joints and fittings does occur. They have the advantage of almost always being free from climate-related expansion and contraction problems. As strong winds can pass through the spaced pickets of these fences, they are preferred in windy terrains like plains and coastal areas. When buyers want a wrought-iron look for the fences, they are essentially steel fences.

3. Aluminum Fences Are Lighter

Both aluminum and steel fences have similar properties except for the weight factor. Aluminum fences are lighter and they too can have a wrought iron look. While easier to install, they lack the strength of iron fences. They can bend and get dented even if they are made from high-quality aluminum.

Aluminum fences pose the problem of galvanic corrosion. For example, if the fence is near a salted road, it increases the possibility of a reaction between the steel fittings and aluminum fence. This can cause corrosion in the aluminum during winter time when roads and other areas are being salted and de-iced.

Aesthetics and Lifespan

Steel fences score in many ways over fences made of aluminum, wood, vinyl or composite in colder climates, which is why many property owners prefer them. Good quality steel fences retain their appearance and condition for a number of years. All they require is a coat of paint after a few winters.

In case of low quality steel fences, the protective coating may give way and even flake off. The exposed metal makes the feature prone to early rusting. However, it is possible to create a protective coating using galvanization processes such as:

  • Pre-galvanization
  • Hot-dipping galvanization
  • Electrophoretic deposition

Powder coated or e-coated steel provides excellent results if you are looking for the best fence material for winters. It helps the fence retain its smooth and beautiful look no matter how tough the winters are.

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