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A fence is always as good as the wood it is made from. Fences in Texas face unique challenges, whether you need the feature for commercial settings or just to add beauty to your home. The most common wood species used for fences in Texas are:

1. The Western Red Cedar

This is one of the best and most common wood when it comes to fencing options. It is known for standing up well to extreme temperatures & moisture changes. When the weather changes from hot to cold, the thermal expansion strains the fibers of the wood. Weather change has no effect on Red Cedar which is why it is one of the most commonly used fencing materials.

A similar problem occurs when wood is exposed to moisture and then dried, this constant expansion and contraction will sap the strength from most of the grains. However, Western Red Cedar is resilient to this effect as well. This makes it a good option for fences in the northern and western regions of Texas. Red cedar is beautiful; it doesn’t come cheap but is extremely durable and provides good value in the long term.

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2. Southern Yellow Pine

One of the easiest to find, construction wood in the US is Southern Yellow Pine. It is probably one of the cheapest options you can choose from. It performs excellently in damp and humid conditions. Bugs and fungi are the main enemies of wood in consistently wet environments. Chemical treatments can be used to prevent these issues from taking place. It is almost unheard of to find an untreated southern yellow pine, and this simple process makes it almost resistant to rot. This is the go-to option in the eastern and southern parts of Texas.

3. Other Common Wood Species

Other than the Red Cedar and Yellow Pine, there are a few other strains of wood that can be used for fences. However, none of them suit the Texan weather as well as the ones mentioned above. They are however used for different purposes as well. Here is another list of different woods you can choose from for fences:

  • Redwood is extremely strong and fairly rot-resistant and comes in a variety of toughness’. It has a natural color that most property owners find appealing. It’s priced considerably higher than Yellow Pine, but is perfect for a humid climate and is also the prettier option of the two.
  • One of the cheapest fence woods, Cypress can be easily painted. If you are planning on getting a painted fence, this wood is perfect. However, it requires more maintenance and will struggle with the Texas weather.
  • Another low-cost option is Spruce. It requires a lot more maintenance but weathers climatic conditions better than Cypress and is aesthetically appealing. Cypress typically fades away to a natural grey over time, and is the perfect choice when you prefer appeal over extreme durability.

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